The Learn More Fun Family

Learn More Fun is a family affair started by the Jacobson clan. We are a family of six, and we live in Montana. After homeschooling our second out of four children (Charlie, George, Zoe, and Miles), we created Learn More Fun as a way of connecting with other homeschool families all across the U.S.

As a family, we love to travel and meet new people. Our local homeschool community enjoys organizing all kinds of events together, such as science fairs, sports tournaments, concerts, theater performances, and more. We are an active group that loves to make learning a hands-on experience!

With Learn More Fun, we hope to share knowledge and connect with other families outside of our area. We hope to share useful tips and information and learn more from other homeschoolersabout things like worksheets and lesson plans, project ideas, book recommendations, games, videos, and more.

Some of our favorite educational sources include:

At Learn More Fun, we truly believe that homeschool education does not lack for quality and can be much more thorough and expansive than a public school education. We often collaborate with programs through our local college and keep an eye out for any other cultural and educational activities in the community. We encourage other homeschoolers to do the same. In many cases, your local newspaper and even social media can be your best friend when it comes to finding out about events at your local library, workshops, community music and theater, historical society events, and free museum days.

Looking for a little homeschool validation? There are many great minds who agree with your methods of education (not just us!):

  • In this video, Sir Ken Robinson explains how homeschooling benefits students by catering to the varied strengths and learning styles of children.
  • Here is a homeschool family that we really relate to! Lainie and her son Miro take education on the road with their "unschooling" method.

Whether you plan to homeschool from your kitchen table or hit the road in an RV like us, we hope that you can use Learn More Fun to your advantage!

Got questions about homeschooling? We'd love to talk with you: Drop us a line! Got questions about our site? That's our oldest son's domain: He's our resident webmaster, so if you see something broken, email him. Thanks!

Carrie and Don Jacobson