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Everyone involved with homeschooling has heard the same tiring arguments the naysayers throw at us … namely, that homeschoolers are loners who lack the means to socialize like students in public schools do. But for those of us who live the homeschool life, we know the opportunities are limitless! That's especially true with technology at our fingers. Homeschoolers are forming larger networks and forging new connections everyday. Our goal is to create a smart, curious, creative community that becomes an educational force to be reckoned with!

We at Learn More Fun believe that homeschooling grants us the freedom to make education fun for our students while inspiring a spirit of intellectual curiosity that will transform young minds into lifelong learners. When your classroom can conceivably be anywhere in the world, how could learning be anything less than fun and exciting?

From your own backyard to an airport, we want to provide your homeschoolers with the tools they need to keep learning while on the go. There is strength in numbers, so if you have a new idea, we'd love to hear from you! We will likewise attempt to keep this website up to date with the newest ideas, tips, and tricks.

We believe that above all, homeschoolers are creative! The world needs these divergent thinkers.

Check out this video based on a talk by Sir Ken Robinson about the ways public schools limit a student's potential for divergent thinking. This is a great reminder of why we homeschool. We want to help our students think outside the box by completely removing them from the box.

If you liked this video, you can also listen to "hackschooling" student Logan LaPlante discuss the ways he has taken control of his own education.

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